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Christian Teaching
Better Than Heaven

GROW Class
Class Teacher: Justin Pannell
Format: Lecture
Meeting Time: Sunday 10:15-11:00 AM (CST)
Location: Auditorium (and available online)
Our auditorium class invites adults of all ages.

Have you ever wondered about the afterlife? Do you wonder what the 'big picture' is for all that God has made? What will God's good future look like? What does God have in store for us? Join our preacher, Justin Pannell, as he leads us in a discussion of what awaits his creation when God ultimately gets his way.

Start Here: Christianity 101

Class Teachers: Justin Pannell & Luke Snodgrass
Format: Lecture & Discussion
Meeting Time: Offered on Demand
Location: Room 101 (next to the Welcome Center)
Our START classes are short introduction to the Christian faith and to Sherrod Avenue. We encourage all interested visitors and new members to find orientation to our way of life in one of these start classes. What is the story of Jesus all about?

What are the essential truths of the Christian faith? Where do I start in my journey with God, or in my new relationship with Christ? If you are new to faith, new to Sherrod, or just want to be reminded of the basics, this is the class for you! Join Justin and Luke in room 101 next door to the welcome center.

Who's In? Who's Out? A Study of Galatians
(3 class offerings)

GROW Classes
Young Professionals Class Teacher: Raymond Voight
Encouragers Class Teacher: Rick Penter
Faith Builders Teacher: Don Snodgrass
Format: Discussion
Meeting Time: Sunday 10:15-11:00 AM (CST)
Locations: Various

Paul writes the book of Galatians to address a church at the crossroads: Will the church give in to the loud voices calling for them to shrink back into the old way of life, allowing culture and birthright to determine the pecking order in the kingdom of God? Or will they let the gospel define the circle of those who belong to Jesus Christ, breaking down the dividing wall and uniting Jews and Gentiles in the one body of Christ? Join us as we seek to walk in step with the Spirit, and to walk in line with the gospel.

Christians and Contemporary Culture
(Ambassadors Class)

GROW Class
Class Teacher: Ken Springer
Format: Discussion
Meeting Time: Sunday 10:15-11:00 AM (CST)
Location: Room 103

The Ambassadors is one of our largest classes. Ken Springer has taught this class for decades, and is known for discussing current events with spiritual application, just after cooking up some breakfast for the class. Age typically ranges from 30's to 60's, though all are welcome.

current zoom classes available

God Still Rocks Our World:
A Study of the Book of Ruth

GROW Class
Class Teacher: Janie Walton
Format: Zoom / Discussion
Meeting Time: Monday 6:00-7:00 PM (CST)
Materials: GroupMe / Method: Discovery Bible Study
Supplemental Book: The Girl's Still Got It (Liz Curtis Higgs)
Length: 4 weeks
Begins: July 12

Enjoy a discussion based class on Ruth using the Discovery Bible Study approach. A study for women of all ages.

Living For Christ Daily:
James Scripture Writing Class

GROW Class
Class Teacher: Janie Walton
Format: Zoom / Group Discussion
Meeting Time: Saturday 9:00-9:30 AM
Communication: GroupMe
Length: 4 weeks
Begins: June 5

Join a group of Christian women engaged in daily reading and scripture writing assignments during the entire month of June.

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